1. ​Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch your arms and legs in class.
  2. Bring water bottle to class and store it in the cabinets provided.
  3. Water-breaks are provided to students.
  4. Missed/make-up classes must be discussed with the instructor.
  5. Running around during class is not allowed. Disruptive students may be asked to leave class. ​
  6. Family/friends must not enter the on-going class unless invited in by the teacher
  7. Studio has provided a waiting lobby for all parents/spouses/friends/family to watch the class in session.
  8. Please keep the studio clean by picking up after yourself.
Costumes: Bollywood dance costumes (adults and children sizes) are available for rent. Please contact us for more info. 

​Payment options: Cash, Check, Credit card, Debit card.

Policies and Procedures:


1. Registration

bOLLywood dance academy and performing arts company


October 2019
September 2019

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